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​Step 1:

Solo Entries: Record a 1 minute and 30 secc. video of you singing your favorite Korean song!


Group Entries: Record a 1 minute and 30 sec. video of your group singing to your favorite Korean song!


Remember to follow Covid-19 safety guidelines! For safety measures, we will allow groups to record themselves on Zoom. See guidelines for details!


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Submission rules, please complete the following:

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  3. Pay Submission Fee ($30 per head) (Coming Soon)


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Mya, Founder of K-Pop For Peace, Inc, was introduced to K-Pop in 2012, but her official journey started in 2018 when she discovered BTS. Mya saw the beauty of K-Pop but also the underlying issues. In November 2019, during a time where she relied heavily on K-Pop to keep her uplifted, situations happened in the K-Pop community that painted the industry in a negative perspective. Blinded by their dislike for K-Pop, the industry was portrayed as completely toxic, filled with harsh words and endless doxxing that led to fandom wars. Despite the circumstances, Mya recognized, like many others, that the ugly stereotype hid the beauty of the K-Pop such as the love and support, the creative beauty, and the power of helping those in need around the world. Mya wanted to be the change that was needed, to show those inside and outside the K-Pop world what a powerful and positive effect the industry had, and to bring peace to those affected by various situations. Mya started with this dream and it was crafted into what you see today: K-Pop For Peace. Mya strives hard to ensure the organization reflects what it truly means: to spread positivity and to be the platform that brings awareness to their followers  about issues affecting the world, especially during times of need. The platform refuses to remain silent on issues affecting various communities. K-Pop For Peace promotes openly and honestly because the team recognizes that their platform is needed in our society and to remain silent on issues affecting our people, would be the biggest betrayal. 
Outside of K-Pop For Peace, Mya is involved in her community through various K-Pop groups and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Mya has also been involved in the “My KPop Life” docu-vlog series. While pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work,  Mya is studying Korean in hopes to apply for teaching programs in South Korea in the future.

To learn more about Mya, her team and their brand K-Pop For Peace, check them out on social media! LinkTree

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