K-Pop Dance Contest

We are happy to announce that DIA Dance Studio will be our sponsor for KoreaFest 2020 K-Pop Dance contest! They will be organizing the dance contest this year!

DIA Dance Studio is a a rising dance studio in North Carolina, USA. Founded in 2017, DIA have been hosting weekly dance workshops including urban dance, hip-hop, K-pop, locking, popping, waacking, and Afro beats. This season they will focus on bring in professional choreographers and instructors all over the world to North Carolina to share their love of dance. They also host seasonal K-pop themed events, and just hosted the very first K-pop Showcase in North Carolina this Summer! Their passion is to build a multicultural dance community that people can share dance, joy, friendship and love!

Please check out their website for dance classes, workshops and events.


Audition Submission Guideline

To enter the K-Pop dance contest at KoreaFest 2020, you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete the form below

  • Upload your audition video below

  • Pay the submission fee. Click here to pay.

You will receive a confirmation email after you pay the submission fee. You will be contacted by email to complete the additional steps ONLY after yourself or your group pass the online audition.

Submission Fee

  • Solo: $30

  • Group: $50

  • Each group will receive up to six complimentary tickets, one per performer. Complimentary tickets must be used for performers only - not friends or family members. If a group has more than six performers, then extra performers will need to buy their own tickets.

  • The submission fee payment deadline is November 30th, 2019.

Audition Video

  • Music must be K-Pop related

  • The audition video is limited to ONE SONG or MEDLEY per performing individual or group.

  • The medley should not exceed 4 minutes.

  • The audition video must be submitted on Google Drive and shared with diaurbandanceevents@gmail.com.

  • The audition submission deadline is November 30th, 2019.

Other Rules

  • Open to all ages

  • Performances must be appropriate for families and kids.

  • The final performance may be different from the audition video.

  • No refunds will be issued once submitted.

  • Participants must sign the participation waiver.

  • Participants must not have any conflict of interest with DIA Dance Studio and InWave.