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Aamras 1 Dvdrip Download Movies ~REPACK~

Aamras 1 DVDRip: A Must-Watch Movie for All the Teenage Girls Out There

If you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and relate to the joys and struggles of teenage friendship, then Aamras 1 DVDRip is the one for you. Aamras 1 DVDRip is a 2009 Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Rupali Guha and starring Vega Tamotia, Ntasha Bhardwaj, Maanvi Gagroo, and Anchal Sabharwal in the lead roles. The film is about four best friends who face various challenges and dilemmas in their final year of school.

Aamras 1 dvdrip download movies

What is Aamras 1 DVDRip about?

The story of Aamras 1 DVDRip revolves around Jiya (Vega Tamotia), Pari (Ntasha Bhardwaj), Rakhi (Maanvi Gagroo), and Sanya (Anchal Sabharwal), who are inseparable friends since childhood. They study in the same school and share everything with each other. They also have a common passion for music and form a band called Aamras. However, as they enter their final year of school, they face various problems that threaten to break their friendship. Jiya falls in love with a senior student, Dhruv (Ajay Singh Choudhury), who is already engaged to someone else. Pari struggles with her weight issues and low self-esteem. Rakhi deals with her conservative parents who want her to get married soon. Sanya faces pressure from her rich father who wants her to join his business. As the girls try to cope with their personal and academic issues, they also have to deal with a rival band called Spice Girls, who are jealous of their popularity and talent.

What makes Aamras 1 DVDRip special?

Aamras 1 DVDRip is not just another teenage movie. It has several elements that make it special and different from other films of its genre. Here are some of them:

  • The film has a realistic and relatable portrayal of teenage friendship and its ups and downs. The film shows how the girls support each other, have fun together, fight with each other, and make up with each other. The film also shows how the girls deal with peer pressure, parental expectations, love interests, and career choices.

  • The film has a refreshing and positive message for young girls. The film encourages girls to follow their dreams, express their opinions, stand up for themselves, and be confident in their own skin. The film also celebrates diversity and individuality among girls and shows that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • The film has a catchy and melodious soundtrack composed by Shamir Tandon, Tabun Sutradhar, Ankit Tiwari, and Bombay Rockers. The soundtrack includes songs like "Chote Nawab", "Sambhali Hai Kitne Dino Se", "Tere Bin Soona Soona Hai Jahan", and "We Are The Teen Queens". The songs are fun, lively, and suit the mood of the film.

How to download Aamras 1 DVDRip online?

If you want to download Aamras 1 DVDRip online, you have several options available. You can download or stream the movie from various online platforms like Wallpapers Borax, Fumemusic, Dailymotion, etc. You can also buy or rent the movie from Amazon Prime Video or Google Play Movies. You can choose the quality and format according to your preference and enjoy the movie.

What do the critics say about Aamras 1 DVDRip?

Aamras 1 DVDRip has received mixed reviews from the critics. Some of them have praised the film for its realistic and relatable portrayal of teenage friendship and its positive message for young girls, while others have criticized the film for its poor direction, weak script, and mediocre performances. Here are some of the critics' opinions:

  • Wallpapers Borax gave the film a positive review and said, "Aamras is a sweet and simple movie that depicts the bond of four friends who are in their final year of school. The movie has some funny and emotional moments that will make you laugh and cry. The movie also has some good songs that will make you groove. Aamras is a movie that every teenage girl should watch with her friends."

  • LexCliq gave the film a negative review and said, "Aamras is a boring and dull movie that tries to be a comedy-drama but fails miserably. The movie has a weak plot that is full of clichés and stereotypes. The movie also has poor direction and editing that make it seem disjointed and confusing. The movie also has bad acting by the lead actors who have no chemistry or charisma. Aamras is a movie that you should avoid at all costs."

  • OpenSea gave the film a mixed review and said, "Aamras is a decent movie that has some good and bad aspects. The movie has a realistic and relatable portrayal of teenage friendship and its ups and downs. The movie also has a refreshing and positive message for young girls who are facing various challenges and dilemmas in their lives. However, the movie also has some flaws that hamper its quality. The movie has a poor script that lacks originality and depth. The movie also has mediocre performances by the lead actors who fail to impress or connect with the audience. Aamras is a movie that you can watch if you have nothing else to do or if you want to see some mindless entertainment."



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