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Why You Need to Try This Tomb Raider Anniversary Hack Right Now

Tomb Raider Anniversary Hack: How to Get the Most Out of Your Adventure

Tomb Raider Anniversary is a remake of the classic Tomb Raider game that was released in 1996. It features improved graphics, gameplay, and puzzles, as well as new secrets and challenges. If you are a fan of Lara Croft and her adventures, you might want to try some hacks that can enhance your gaming experience and make it more fun and exciting.


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In this article, we will show you some of the best Tomb Raider Anniversary hacks that you can use to unlock new features, access hidden areas, and fly around the map. These hacks are easy to use and do not require any special skills or tools. However, some of them might affect the game's stability or performance, so use them at your own risk.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Fly Mode and Wall Hack

One of the most popular hacks for Tomb Raider Anniversary is the fly mode and wall hack. This hack allows you to fly around the map and go through walls, doors, and other obstacles. You can use this hack to explore the game's environments, find secrets, or just have fun.

To use this hack, you need to download a tool called TRAFly or TRAsFly, depending on the version of your game. You can find the download links in the web search results. After downloading the tool, follow these steps:

  • Run the game and go to any level.

  • Enable the tool by pressing F11.

  • Go up or down by pressing the 1 or 2 keys. Optionally, you can use the slider to go up/down faster by setting a bigger value.

  • Disable the tool by pressing F11 again.

Note that if you get attacked by animals while you are in fly mode, you will fall off the map. Disabling the tool will bring you back up on it, on the place you left. Also, going through a locked door and disabling the cheat will bring you back before that door. Jumping or crouching while in fly mode will also make Lara drop off the map.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Cheats

If you want to make the game easier or more challenging, you can use some cheats that can modify Lara's abilities and weapons. These cheats can be accessed by pausing the game and going to the Options menu. You can still get achievements with cheats activated.

Some of the cheats that you can use are:

  • Golden Shotgun (most powerful weapon): Beat all three Lost Island time trials.

  • Infinite 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo and Show Enemy Health: Beat all four Peru time trials.

  • Infinite Mini SMG Ammo and Infinite Health: Beat all three Egyptian time trials.

  • Infinite Shotgun Ammo and All Weapons: Beat all four Greece time trials.

You can also unlock some "Style Units" levels that are pre-production test levels that have aspects of every section of the game. To unlock them, you need to acquire all eight relics throughout the game.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Secret Artifact Wall Hack

If you are looking for a way to collect all the artifacts in Tomb Raider Anniversary, you might want to try this hack that lets you get a secret artifact in St. Francis' Folly without solving any puzzles. This hack involves using a glitch in the wall that lets you pass through it and reach a hidden area where the artifact is located.

To use this hack, follow these steps:

  • Go to St. Francis' Folly and enter the room with four doors leading to different challenges (Thor, Poseidon, Damocles, Atlas).

  • Go to the door on your right (Thor) and stand next to it.

  • Turn around and face the opposite wall. You should see a small gap between two pillars.

  • Jump towards the gap and press Action (E) in mid-air. You should grab onto an invisible ledge on the wall.

  • Climb up until you reach another invisible ledge above you.

  • Jump backwards and press Action (E) again. You should land on a platform behind the wall.

  • Follow the path until you reach a room with a large statue of Thor holding a hammer.

  • The artifact is on a pedestal behind Thor's hammer. Grab it and enjoy your reward.

You can watch a video demonstration of this hack in one of the web search results.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Mods

If you want to customize your Tomb Raider Anniversary game, you might want to try some of the mods that are available online. Mods are modifications that can change the game's graphics, sounds, gameplay, or content. You can find many mods for Tomb Raider Anniversary on websites like

Some of the best mods that you can use are:

  • Tomb Raider Movie Pack: This mod lets you play Anniversary with reimagined outfits from the Tomb Raider movies starring Angelina Jolie. You can choose from different costumes, such as the black dress, the wetsuit, the biker outfit, and more.

  • Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition Reshade Plus AO: This mod enhances the game's visuals by adding reshade effects and ambient occlusion. It makes the game look more realistic and atmospheric, with improved lighting, shadows, colors, and textures.

  • Tomb Raider 1996 Classic Outfit: This mod pays tribute to the original Tomb Raider game by replacing Lara's outfit with her iconic, classic, retro attire from 1996. You can enjoy the nostalgia of playing with the old-school Lara in the new game.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Review

If you are wondering whether Tomb Raider Anniversary is worth playing, you might want to check out some of the reviews that are available online. These reviews will give you an overview of the game's strengths and weaknesses, as well as its reception by critics and fans. You can find many reviews for Tomb Raider Anniversary on websites like,, and

Some of the main points that these reviews highlight are:

  • Tomb Raider Anniversary is a faithful and respectful remake of the original Tomb Raider game, but with improved graphics, gameplay, and content. It captures the essence of the classic adventure, while adding new features and challenges.

  • Tomb Raider Anniversary focuses on exploration, puzzle-solving, and platforming, rather than combat and action. It offers a variety of environments, secrets, and puzzles that require skill and logic to overcome. It also has some thrilling set-pieces and boss fights.

  • Tomb Raider Anniversary has a smooth and responsive control system that makes Lara's acrobatics easy and fun to perform. It also has a helpful hint system that can guide you when you are stuck or lost.

  • Tomb Raider Anniversary has a high level of difficulty and challenge that can be frustrating or rewarding, depending on your preference. Some of the puzzles and jumps can be very tricky and require precise timing and positioning. Some of the enemies can be very tough and aggressive.

Overall, Tomb Raider Anniversary is a highly praised game that appeals to both fans and newcomers of the series. It is considered one of the best Tomb Raider games ever made, and one of the best action adventure games in general.


Tomb Raider Anniversary is a game that celebrates the legacy of Lara Croft and her first adventure. It is a game that offers a thrilling and challenging experience for fans of the series and newcomers alike. It is a game that showcases the best aspects of the action adventure genre, with stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and clever puzzles. It is also a game that can be enhanced and customized with various hacks, cheats, mods, and walkthroughs that can make it more fun and interesting.

If you are looking for a game that will take you on an epic journey across ancient tombs and forgotten cities, a game that will test your skills and logic, a game that will make you feel like a true adventurer, then Tomb Raider Anniversary is the game for you. You can find it on various platforms, such as PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, and Xbox 360. You can also find more information and resources about the game on websites like,,, and

Tomb Raider Anniversary is more than just a remake. It is a tribute to a classic game that changed the history of gaming. It is a tribute to a heroine that inspired millions of players. It is a tribute to a legend that lives on. a27c54c0b2


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