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Pumpkin Time UPD

Growing up, Kang Tae Joo and Shin Hae Won were practically inseparable. The best of friends, the two elementary school boys shared a fanatic love of baseball and enjoyed nothing more than spending their time utterly immersed in the game. Though Tae Joo and Hae Won believed they would be together forever, fate decided it had other plans. After his parents announce he is moving to the United States, Tae Joo has no choice but to say goodbye to Hae Won. Despondent over being forced to leave his best friend behind, Tae Joo is determined to someday see Hae Won again. As the years pass, Tae Joo never gives up hope of being reunited with his childhood friend. As suddenly as he once had to say goodbye, Tae Joo now finds himself back in Korea where he wastes no time in searching for his best friend. Tracking Hae Won down, Tae Joo is shocked beyond words to discover that his childhood best friend is now a high school girl! Will this unexpected switch change their relationship forever?(Source: Viki) Adapted from the webtoon of the same name. Edit Translation

Pumpkin time

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Have a discussion on variables & relationships. Write all the variables on the board they come up with. Narrow down the list to items that are measurable with the pumpkin we have in the class. What affects the explosion the most? Height, diameter, circumference, thickness of the wall?

Using the PACING tool in Desmos move your students few the next few screens to make a scatterplot prediction of the relationship between the diameter of a pumpkin and how many bands will make it explode.

Screen 5 shows a scatterplot of pumpkins that have already been blown up and the relationship between diameter and bands (or non relationship). Have your students move the orange point to a place that helps them predict the number of bands. What placement would be wrong?

Now Bring out your pumpkin for the class to see! Have them predict how many rubber bands it will take before it will explode. Repeat the estimation process. Have them save their guess till the end of class. Where will YOUR pumpkin fit on the scatterplots shown in the Desmos activity?

Give students the link to the spreadsheet of all the pumpkins to date (You should copy and paste the data to your own sheet so you can filter/sort the results and share that sheet out to your students.)

Discuss with your students the lack of consistency in the selection of rubber bands from all over the country. How can we minimize this variable skewing our results? Filter the data with your students(or before hand) showing one type of rubber band (Most common is a rubber band of length 8.65 cm). This will only show all the pumpkins that have been destroyed using that type of band.Get your students to grab the data that relates to their relationship.

October means everything pumpkin! Pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin muffins, coffee, beer, candles, and of course pumpkin pie! Here at Concord Flower Shop we use real pumpkins as containers for our colorful autumn arrangements. They are so popular by the end of October, we are quite frankly, pretty tired of scooping pumpkin guts!

People always want to know how long a pumpkin will last when it's been hollowed out to hold flowers. Definitely longer than your Halloween Jack-o-lanterns, but maybe not as long as the flowers. We do wash the inside well with a bleach solution which keeps it fresh longer.Then we add a plastic liner to the hollowed out pumpkin which holds the floral foam in which the flowers are designed. Since air can't reach the inside once it's filled, it slows the decay down.But if you find the pumpkin getting a bit sad before the flowers do just lift out the flowers with their plastic liner and place them in a bowl or basket. Be sure to water your arrangement every day and do place it on a saucer to prevent damage to your table.

We're excited to offer Einstein Pet Treats as a yummy treat option for your pet! Your pup will love these treats because they're 100% natural and made using only human-grade ingredients, like protein-packed peanut butter, pumpkin, and heart-healthy oatmeal.

At Joe Van Gogh, we craft our Pumpkin Lattes with house-made syrup that features real pumpkin, fall spices and no added preservatives! The syrup is also gluten free so more people can enjoy the drink of the season.

For traditionalists, the farm still has its popular pumpkin blasters, tractor train and scarecrow rides, ponies, petting zoo and kiddie playland, as well as pick-your-own pumpkins and a gem-mining waterway in the old-west town.

Enjoy the perks of whole or puréed pumpkin. There's no shortage of sweet picks, so add some savory one to the mix. Here are a few possibilities, including pumpkin seeds, which are rich in magnesium, copper, vitamin K, iron and zinc.

This coconut milk-based curry is another tasty alternative. In a pan, add a good splash of sunflower oil (in curries it is better to avoid olive oil because of its intensity) and sauté grated ginger, grated garlic, chopped shallots, mustard seeds, fresh or powdered turmeric and chopped coriander stems. When the aromas start to come through, add a jar of canned tomatoes and a jar of coconut milk. Bring the mixture to a boil, then add two cups of chopped pumpkin and one cup of cooked chickpeas. Reduce until the desired consistency is achieved, correct the salt and serve with white rice, fresh coriander leaves and a tablespoon of natural yogurt. Another white and aromatic variety that works wonders with pumpkin, and in this case with this mild and sweet curry, is Viognier. Especially if it is a young vintage like Casillero del Diablo Viognier2020, which stands out for its aromas of apricot, chirimoya, hints of vanilla and exceptional freshness.

This time of year conjures up images of cooler weather, autumn leaves and anything pumpkin flavored! These colorful, festive and nutritious gourds go hand in hand with our fall traditions. But did you know that these American natives have been cultivated for thousands of years, and carving them is a tradition that originates hundreds of years ago with the arrival of Irish immigrants?

Once harvested, allow the pumpkins to cure in the sun for seven to ten days to toughen their skin and significantly improve their flavor. However, they may need to be moved to a shed or garage on cold nights or covered with a blanket. Once cured, clean them with a weak solution of one-part bleach to ten parts water to kill any pathogens and remove any soil. Dry them thoroughly before storing them in a cool, dry location. Optimal conditions are 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit at 50 to 70 percent humidity. Do not allow the stored fruit to touch, which allows for air circulation and slows rot. Cured pumpkins may keep for two to three months.

Blue Pumpkin can help. Our Time Record Manager is a Web-based, time and attendance solution that makes managing the time collection process more efficient and economical, reducing payroll waste while improving employee satisfaction. Byautomating and simplifying time tracking, Time Record Manager frees your contactcenter staff from labor-intensive time tracking processes so they can focus ondelivering quality service. 076b4e4f54


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